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RISE Learning was founded in 2016 by Elizabeth Campbell. After working for over ten years tutoring and teaching in New York, Liz wanted to create a community where more students could get a personalized learning experience. With small group instruction, RISE bridges the gap between costly one-on-one tutoring and inconsistent chain tutoring centers. Since classes never have more than three students, each one gets the individual attention he or she needs. Because all of the learning materials are original, students work on content specifically geared for them. By engaging students in this meaningful work, their skills and confidence improve. Seeing the pride that students develop is the most fulfilling work.
About Rise Learning Center

Explore our website and contact us to learn more about our unique process and find out how we can benefit your children!


Our approach is built on three pillars:

  • Student Knowledge
  • Teaching Methods
  • Ongoing Assessment

First and foremost, we get to know our students. We learn about their hobbies and interests, in addition to how they learn and process information. We learn where they excel and where they struggle academically. We use this knowledge to create unique learning materials for each one, designed thoughtfully to utilize what students already know so they can contextualize material and build true understanding.

In addition to individual learning plans for each student, we have an arsenal of teaching methods honed from years of teaching and tutoring all ages and ability levels.We don’t force students to learn one way, but rather find the combination of ways that work best for each one. A student isn’t sure why x to the zero power equals one? We have three different ways to show them. A reader can’t distinguish between ‘ar’ and ‘or’? We have sorting materials, sentence builders, and charts at the ready.

Equally important to teaching methods, we pay attention as they work. We note which methods they favor. We track which skills still need review. Then, we adapt their plans as necessary. Just giving assessments is not enough. Looking at answers does not tell us if they needed to count on their fingers to complete addition problems or if they mispronounced words. Answers do not tell us where students made mistakes. This information can only come from intentional observation.


Individualized learning plans

Original learning materials

Student to instructor ratio of no more than 3:1

Ongoing Assessment

Our reading program is designed for students from pre-K through fifth grade. Mastering the fundamentals of phonics is the root of reading success. The sequence of our learning plans works to build fluency and confidence. Rather than relying on typical worksheets and flashcards, we have an assortment of original stories, hands-on activities, and reading games. As students progress, we work with them to find books aligned to their interests and engage them in writing activities. We seek to develop students who have the skills and confidence that lead to a love of reading.

Basic Phonics

  • Best for 3-4 year olds

  • Goals:

    • developing pre-reading skills
    • recognizing and writing letters
    • promoting phonemic awareness (sound recognition)

Focus on Reading

  • Best for children in grades K – 3

  • Goals:

    • building the confidence of tentative reader
    • sounding out level specific words
    • providing sight word practice
    • connecting with level specific books

Advanced Enrichment

  • Best for children in grades 3 – 5

  • Goals:

    • advancing on-level readers
    • providing exposure to higher comprehension reading skills
    • introducing more complex inferential comprehension
    • writing about text


Individualized learning plans

Original learning materials

Instructor to student ratio of no more than 1:3

Ongoing Assessment

Our comprehensive math program is designed for students in kindergarden through grade 12. Students retain material best when they are guided to discover how rules work. This approach demystifies math and removes fear. It also allows students who are progressing to develop an appreciation for math and have an opportunity for deeper exploration. Ongoing success in math comes from efficiency, so once a student has demonstrated understanding, faster methods are taught and memorization, where appropriate, is encouraged. We strive to develop students who can call upon a variety of strategies to solve problems and have the skills necessary to execute their solutions.

Elementary Math

  • Support in focused areas

  • Reinforcement of fundamentals

  • Building number sense

  • Level specific review and skill building

  • Help with the Common Core

Subject Specific

  • Pre-Algebra

  • Algebra I & II

  • Geometry

  • Trigonometry

  • Pre-Calculus/Calculus


  • Building efficiency

  • Exploring deeper connections in mathematics

  • Advancing beyond grade level

Test Prep

We have prepared students for the myriad of standardized tests one encounters in New York City. We break the tests into four categories for each student: material not yet learned, material learned but challenging, material learned and only in need of review, and material learned and mastered. We then set up a work plan.

We prepare for the following tests:

  • Common Core State Tests


  • ISEE



  • SSAT

  • Hunter Exam

  • Regents

  • SAT

Contact Us

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